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"A great solo is a priceless moment in time - put it in a great composition
and it becomes a timeless work of art" - Jazz Rock World

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bad fusion makes us laugh" - Jazz Rock World

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Classic Songs
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The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - "East-West"
John Abercrobmie - Timeless
Eddie Henderson - Scorpio Libra
Julian Priester And Marine Intrusion - Anatomy Of Longing
Horacee Arnold "Puppett Of The Seasons" & "Chinnereth II"
Bill Evans - Broncas Hal [Petite Blonde]
Mark Isham - Miles Remembered (Right Off)
Bill Evans - Hobo
John Abercrombie - Ethereggae
Kazumi Watanabe - Mobo
Tribal Tech - Nite Club
Tribal Tech - Thick
Weather Report: Miroslav's Tune 1974
The Zawinul Syndicate: Zansa
Pat Martino - Joyous Lake
Live at Keystone Korner [audio only]
Bill Evans w/Dennis Chambers
UZEB "Spider"
Fat Time "When John Meets Allision"

[Audio Only]

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